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VAM ADVERTISING & MARKETING PVT LTD is a public-relations-driven marketing communications company based in Kanpur, India. At VAM, we provide fully integrated multidisciplinary public relations and advertising services to build image, create awareness and augment the ultimate sales of our clients.

With our promotion strategies founded on in-depth knowledge of regional markets, we provide the right sharpness to our client's communication for stupendous market penetration. Our professionals are at the top of their fields and immersed in local culture from Kanpur . We use our comprehensive media-databases to put your advertisements at the right position and release in the right hands for optimum results.

What really sets us apart is our ability to develop credible, logical, and meaningful brands and identify the ground-breaking strategies that capture client's voice and translate his USPs to hard-hitting, visible benefits that get people to act. Our strategies combine creative concepts, intimate media-knowledge and in-depth industry understanding to achieve qualitative and quantitative results.

We become true partners with our clients providing value beyond traditional promotion-boundaries and tailor our activities to the needs of client, from acting behind the scenes as a " VAM " to being the "eyes and ears" or even the "public face".


At VAM ADVERTISING & MARKETING PVT LTD, our ever-spontaneous minds are always working on innovative and pragmatic ideas. The services we provide are the means of channeling this power. In fact, our ability to think out-of-the-box is the edge we have and the edge we give to our clients to compete and to succeed. Considering requirements and circumstances, we develop the right mix of our services. The whole game of our services encompasses the following activities but is not limited to these only:

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Creative Edge

The right brand perception can fundamentally turnaround your business. A name and reputation can be made genuinely exciting by integrating consistent design with crisp messaging. VAM ADVERTISING & MARKETING PVT LTD. specialises in advertising and communication campaigns that build brands. We also try to change the whole understanding of what design is. It informs every aspect of your interaction with customers. Even the lack of design gives off an impression. With this in mind it is important that your work is presented in a way that lifts expectations and creates a conversation, creates excitement! A good slogan or a good marketing campaign works best when it follows a brand architecture. That is our core expertise - the art of brand advertising communication is the spine of every advertising idea. Be it BIG launches, mergers, product promotions or simply, internal communications, we back it with an in depth understanding of your business. Sometimes our client briefs start as a blank sheet of paper, sometimes as a desire for renewal, or a need to achieve a cycle of continuous improvement.

Man Power Edge

The company employs heady young creative guns to complement the wealth of experience the leaders have gained in this lifelong dedication to advertising. Full time, qualified, full of ideas and enthusiasm, these people have the experience and real time expertise in strategy and design for print, web, events and exhibitions and multimedia In addition to the design team are people who can research on relevant subjects, write mind boggling copy for your brand, develop your strategic marketing plan, organise an impactful event, create your website or hard negotiate for your media space VAM ADVERTISING & MARKETING PVT LTD team presents a unique outlook to the advertising business. Diligent, dedicated, pragmatic and passionate about providing logical creative design and content to fields as diverse as identity design, packaging and print, advertising and the internet, broadcast and events and exhibitions. Collectively the team of designers, content writers, visualisers, analysts, production experts, account servicing executives and researchers bring together a powerful mix of experience and skill.


VAM ADVERTISING & MARKETING PVT LTD is today 24 and these years have seen significant, fast paced progress. Not only has the agency changed with the ever changing technologies, it also introduced newer marketing principles that have created some of the very visible brands of today.



"We have a very high level of respect for VAM ADVTG & MKTG PVT LTD for the 24X7 support services provided by them. We feel really grateful to have such a calm, seasoned professional working with us. They take the worry away for all their clients and vendors and this is why we love working with them."
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Mr. M.Amin –CEO, Super House Group
"When it comes to making print happen fast, accurately and efficiently, you can count on VAM and his team to deliver a grand slam every time. VAM’s combined expertise in print production and technology coupled with his understanding of our business are unique qualities that helped strengthen Pavitra’s print marketing programs "
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Mr Anil Kumar Agarwal (Director) Kanpur Institute Of Technology
"VAM ADVTG & MKTG PVT LTD played an important role in our nationwide success. They redefined our identity by doing great advertising based on solid strategies and planning."
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Dr. Arpit Awasthi (Director) Dr Virendra Swarup Institute Of Professional Studies
"You never have to worry about a marketing or advertising program when it is assigned to VAM ADVTG & MKTG PVT LTD. They are masters at making print happen, even under the most challenging deadlines and circumstances. They never cease to amaze me with their production knowledge and can-do approach"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Mr Ashish Nath (Media Manager) UP State Industrial Development Corp


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Corporate Office Kanpur
Flat. No.7, 2nd Floor, Ganga Tower,
117 / 18-A Sarvodaya Nagar, Kanpur.
+91 9795200300, +91 9793616661, +91 9839072934
Lucknow Office
Ground Floor,10, Gulzar colony,
New Bery Lane, Hazratganj, Lucknow.
+91 8574076008, +91 9839037203
Varanasi Office
Flat No.12, H.No S-18/2A, Guru-F-12,
1st Floor, Guru Kripa Colney, Nadesar Varanasi.
+91 98390 37203, +91 9918201158
Gorakhpur Office
Rajendra Nagar, Gorakhnath,
+91 7800999901, +91 9839072934

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